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Ask Me About Buckthorn (mural)

Evanston, Illinois

This mural celebrates the unsung heroes of habitat restoration in Evanston. These are just a few of the dozens of volunteers in who work throughout the year in regreening efforts across the city to remove non-native invasive plant species, such as European Buckthorn, and replace it with native plants that promote a healthy ecosystem for our pollinators, birds and other nonhuman residents of Evanston.

Ask Me About Buckthorn (installation)

Evanston, Illinois

Infestation of over 500 European Buckthorn seedlings in Evanston Public Libraries

Florence  & Amsterdam

"Underworld" is a forty foot drawing that depicts a civilization below our street level. There are miniature bedrooms, tents and campsites that rise along the lower edge of a street wall.  They balance on rooftops suggesting an escape from the reality of the world below.

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