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Urban Reverb


Urban Reverb is a series of paintings that serves as a poetic interpretation of the recollection of the city of Chicago. From 1992 - 2000 I lived, studied, and worked in the city of Chicago during which time the sights, smells, sounds, flavors and rhythms of the city infiltrated my mind and the habits of my life. Now, from my home in Central New York, this series of paintings function as the memento or token from those years.

Culled from memory, snapshots and sketches, the images in these paintings depict a Chicago that, in some ways, is lost. During the past decade, the years of my absence, the city has seen tremendous growth and development. Many of the locations, signs, flavors of my past no longer exist in today’s Chicago. A visual Swan’s Way, the paintings become the recollection of a place and a time that is no longer tangible. The paintings are the reverberation of the original event, the artist’s attempt to embody the echo of a time lost.

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