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Help us make 10,836 birds! 


In an effort to raise awareness about one of the leading causes of bird deaths, we are making replicas of every bird killed from a window collision and collected on the streets of Chicago in 2023 and we need your help! Chicago lies in the migratory path of over 300 species of birds, making it the most dangerous city in the country for our avian friends. In one night alone, 966 birds struck just one building on Chicago’s lakefront. Through crowdsourcing the crafting of these bird replicas, we will create a “carpet” of birds running over 300 feet in length. Using upcycled cloth and donated materials to create the birds, we invite citizens to help with the project through public workshops or from their own homes.  


Understanding how you can protect your home from bird-window collisions is paramount to the project, which is why teaching about how to identify and modify your problematic windows is at the forefront of our mission. Please explore our website to find out how you can become involved through volunteering, creating a bird, and making your windows safe for birds. 


This project wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of the volunteers at the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and Dave Willard at The Field Museum. We are eternally grateful to our partners at the Chicago Bird Alliance (Audubon), Natural Habitat Evanston, FeatherFriendly and support from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. 

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